Company Formation Germany

There are different ways to start a company in Germany.

It can be a sole proprietorship, but it can also be a limited liability company. The most well-known in Germany is the GmbH.
Several shareholders may also be entitled in the company and the shares may be shared among themselves.
The company foundation sets a registration with the tax office ahead, in part also with the commercial register (for example GmbH) and Gewerbeamt advance.

The establishment of a sole proprietorship (e.K. Gesellschaft bürberglichen Rechts (GbR)) is more cost-effective than establishing a legal entity (GmbH, Aktiengesellschaft).
The formal requirements of a limited liability company here are substantially stringent. However, it is also the creation of a mini GmbH (GmbH UG) into consideration, so-called entrepreneurial society,
where the share capital is not 25,000.00 EUR.

You can also found a company as a company if your residence is not in Germany or the parent company has its head office abroad.

For the formalities, however, it is necessary that at least the registered managing director comes to Germany if necessary.
We will make the visa application according to the modalities of the European and German visa regulations.
The application is of course different from the country
from where you will travel to Germany. The decisive factor is whether you travel from the Schengen area to Germany or from a third country.
It is also possible to start a company without travel to Germany, if you have a manager in Germany,
he can make the necessary signatures and open a bank account. You can also authorize us as managing director for the start-up phase.

You can inform yourself in advance here:

The duration of starting a business in Germany depends on a few circumstances. A time window is 1 – 3 months.

We are happy to advise you further for your success in Germany.

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Immigration law from January 1st 2019 in Germany

Foreign school and university degrees are recognized unbureaucratically. The immigration law becomes part of European asylum legislation. Existing laws are bundled.

EU Blue Card: The EU Blue Card (EU Blue Card) is the proof or document of proof issued by a Member State of the European Union for the legal residence permit of third-country nationals for the purposes of gainful employment.

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